Who is Britvic

From our humble beginnings from the 1930s from a small chemist in the UK to today's position as a global soft drinks business, Britvic is now present across many continents and cities throughout the world. We have always been, and will always remain, committed to the production of great tasting drinks that quench the world. A trusted business for past generations, this one and many more to come. Loved by moms, dads, adults and kids of all ages.


Fruit Shoot multipacks launched in grocery stores across the US.


We launched great tasting Fruit Punch, and Hydro Still and Sparkling, a new range of water for kids.

It’s My Thing launches – celebrating kids’ and all the things that makes them, them. The campaign launched starring real kids.

2014 Robinsons adds a second production line in St. Louis, Missouri.
Born in the USA! Robinsons Fruit Shoot begins producing juice drinks in Raleigh, North Carolina. 2012
2010 75th anniversary of Robinsons sponsoring Wimbledon – making it one of the longest sponsorships in the world!
Robinsons Fruit Shoot lands on the shores of the US. 2008
2000 The Fruit Shoot story begins! Robinsons Fruit Shoot appears in lunch boxes across the U.K. as a drink made for kids that’s perfect on the go.
Robinsons begins expanding into the global market after being acquired by Britvic, a global soft drink company. 1995
1935 Flash forward to Wimbledon. Needing to hydrate tennis players, an employee combined barley crystals, lemon juice, sugar and water to create what would become Robinsons Barley Water.
It all started in the United Kingdom, with a chemist looking to make some homemade soft drinks. 1903