Crafty and sporty, outdoorsy types and book-worms – we’re championing kids and all of the things they love to do, because with our great tasting, on-the-go drinks they’re free to get on with being themselves. But how did we get here? Take a look back at our story, starting way back in 1823.

2014 25 countries and counting. Fruit Shoot is available in 25 countries, bringing refreshment to more active kids all over the world.
Ireland begins to produce all NAS Fruit Shoot for the Irish Market in Dublin, Ireland. 2010
2000 Boom! The Fruit Shoot story begins! Robinsons Fruit Shoot appears in a re-sealable, colourful bottle and is an instant hit with kids in the UK
Look out world – here we come. People across the world got their first taste of the famous Robinsons’ Barley Water after the company was bought by Britvic and starts to expand. 1995
1935 Anyone for tennis? Robinsons’ story really begins at Wimbledon. When tennis players asked for a refreshing drink, a quick-thinking employee mixed barley crystals, lemon juice, sugar and water to create what would become Robinsons Barley Water.
New home in Norwich. The Robinsons brand was bought by Colman’s of Norwich (the people who make mustard). But we kept our name and we’re still in the very same factory in Norwich today, over 100 years later! 1903
1823 Powder power. All those years ago, we were called Robinson & Bellville and our drinks came as flavoured powders - Patent Barley and Patent Groats. In those days, these were drinks for mums.