No Added Sugar

At Robinsons Fruit Shoot, we believe it is important to offer you choice, which is why we offer a range of Fruit Shoot options to help you give your kids a balanced diet.

We have Robinsons Fruit Shoot no added sugar and Robinsons Fruit Shoot Hydro with No Added Sugar for those who want a lower sugar drink without compromising on flavour.

It can be difficult to know how much sugar your family is consuming. So we’ve created No Added Sugar days to help you give your kids what they want without worrying about their sugar intake.

What is a Robinsons Fruit Shoot No Added Sugar Day?

A No Added Sugar Day, is one day in the week where the only sugar the family consumes comes from natural sources like fruit and vegetables. By incorporating just one no added sugar day into your family’s diet you could reduce your child’s sugar consumption by up to 58.2g/ 14.5 teaspoons a week*.

To help you incorporate a No Added Sugar Day into their diet, Robinsons Fruit Shoot has developed a series of delicious recipes.

Try the recipes below.

*Using National Diet and Nutrition Survey average energy intake is 1532kcal per day for children aged 4-10 years